General Info

Since January 1, 1996 only those outdoor footballs which have been tested and meet the demanding quality criteria, bearing either of the official markings 'FIFA Approved', 'FIFA Inspected' or 'International Matchball Standard,' are allowed to be used in FIFA competition matches and competition matches under the auspices of the six continental Confederations.

There are two levels of criteria for the three designations. Footballs applying for the category 'FIFA Inspected' or the technically equivalent 'International Matchball Standard' must pass the following six rigorous laboratory tests:

  1. Weight
  2. Circumference
  3. Sphericity
  4. Loss of Air Pressure
  5. Water Absorption
  6. Rebound
    Footballs applying for the higher 'FIFA Approved' mark must pass the six tests at an even more demanding level and must undergo an additional test:
  7. Shape and Size Retention (Shooting Test)